Episode 8: Laundry Fairy

What does Mary Tyler Moore's sunken living room have to do with having it all? 

Listen to us MacGyver the Feminine Mystique and find out!

Mary Tyler Moore's sunken living room.jpg

The reading and watching list from this episode:

  1. Who Does She Think She Is? 
  2. Judy Brady's "I Want a Wife"
  3. Hadley's favorite scene in When Harry Met Sally:  

Episode 7: Damp in Denver

What is the etiquette of the shared laundry space? Will Damp in Denver ever get to dry? And what were Magdalene Laundries? Listen to our latest episode to find out!


Damp in Denver.JPG

Laundry Room Rules

1. After any load is finished a thirty minute grace period should be given before any intercession and/or removal of clothing from a machine.

2. Any clothing removed from machines must be placed in a clean, dry, safe spot. Ideally a hamper.

3. Under no circumstances interrupt someone's dryer cycle.

4. Don't use someone else's detergent.

5. Empty pockets of food, tissues, and gum.

6. Keep laundry space clean. 

7. Empty your own dryer lint.

8. Under no circumstances run the dryer for someone else without their permission.

9. Respect social cues. Only converse with your neighbor if they seem "into it."