Michelle is a relatively happy native Chicagoan who loves circus, the sound of cicadas, walking and talking either at the same time or separately, and usually everything The Dodo puts on her Facebook "news" feed.  She has lived enough life to know that she doesn't know squat, but that isn't going to stop her from running her mouth about various topics ANYWAY. The irony is not lost on either of us.

Hadley is not particularly chipper by her nature, but she does laugh loudly and often. In a sort of Faulknerian humor kind of way. She loves the liminality of airports and travel, and sometimes worries this is a sign she can't really commit to anything. When she's home in Chicago she spends a lot of time reading in her hammock. She once had a professor in a poetry class tell her she didn't "speak the language of the people." We'll see about that. 

Together we are Hadley and Michelle: Your Agony Aunts, and we answer all your queries with compassion, often bringing in experts and historical examples to guide you and help you feel less alone.